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ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HIGHWAY is a travel/history “on the road” television series in which the Host and a weekly “Special Guest” will visit the cities and locations that played a role in the history of rock and roll in the United States. The stories will unfold through a powerful bland of eyewitness accounts and interviews, rare archival footage and photos, and richly evocative cinematic location shooting.

Each episode of ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HIGHWAY will tell a different story, taking the viewer to a new city, venue, recording studio, or location off the beaten path.

Rock’n’roll Highway

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With the juggernauts of American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance? still rolling, America’s Heroes is a variety talent competition which searches for future stars across all branches of entertainment, as well as all branches of the US Military, stationed both at home and abroad.

The tradition of music and the military dates back through the ages where music was used as morale tool for men on the march from Roman times to the Civil War. It helped the troops in the trenches in World War 1 to remember their loved ones and keep the faith that they would one day return home. Glenn Miller wrote the soundtrack to World War 2 which still resonates today. The Political statements of Country Joe and the Fish, and even Jefferson Airplane helped us realize the horrendous conditions that our troops were suffering in Vietnam and raised the consciousness of our citizens who demanded an end to the war.

Music and the military belong together like apple pie and ice cream.

Like burgers and fries.


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This Park stretches for over 5000 square miles. It is patrolled by only a handful of Park Rangers. It is the hottest and driest of the national parks in the United States. It also features the lowest point in North America at Badwater, which is 282 feet (86 m) below sea level.

Dangers include the record breaking 120 Degree plus heat. Many travelers underestimate the heat and overestimate the abilities of their cars and also themselves. When they travel the hundreds of miles of dirt roads, tourist often get stranded without sufficient water supply. Some have tried to walk out on foot to seek help, never to be seen again.


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After a crew of time-traveling pirates invade their small town, a

group of brave, pre-teen adventurers embark on an amazing

journey throughout the space-time continuum. Armed with a

steampunk time machine and an almanac of the greatest lost

treasures in the history of the world, their mission is to unearth

sacred artifacts in the name of science and ward off the

unscrupulous looters who seek the items for their own financial

gain. The leader of the group, Josh Dare, has another parallel

mission though - to find his lost father who disappeared in a

mysterious electrical storm five years ago.

In each episode the kids encounter a new adventure set in a

different place and time, whether it is an ancient civilization or

their own home town 300 years in the past!. Through a glitch in the

programming of their time machine they never really know exactly

where or when they will be transported to, leading them into some

hilarious yet sometimes very dangerous predicaments. Through

their exploits viewers are introduced to some of the greatest and

also most infamous figures in the history of the world, including

Blackbeard, Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, and more!

Time Crafters

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Hollywood Calling

an interactive Game show

"Hollywood Calling" is a completely new form of advertising Entertainment.

"Hollywood Calling" is an interactive trivia game show designed to broadcast EPKs, Trailers and promotional material of entertainment related products such as new Movies, DVD releases, upcoming TV-shows, TV-Series and even new music CDs and upcoming CONCERTS in a truly entertaining way. Each show has new movies as a topic, music and any kind of entertainment events and therefore could be sponsored by the distributors, film studios and concert agencies.

"Hollywood Calling" can be broadcast live. The viewing audience participates via SMS. In addition to the studios and agencies, the show can be sponsored by phone companies since each SMS is pure income that can be shared with the participating cable network.

"Hollywood Calling" is a show that generates money.

Hollywood Calling