Director / Writer: Tommy Moore | Asst. Director : Deven Parmar | DP: Matt Crum | Client: AEG


Client: Heavy Justice - “When Inmates Run The Asylum” Director: Deven Parmar | Creative Director: Martin Nethercutt | Agency & Prod: McCartney Studios

A special offer for upcoming as well as established platinum artists from McCartney Multimedia, Inc. The Artist Package 2019.

Director: Henry Drayton | Artist/Client: Doug DeLuca

Charming Distraction by Nick Marechal | Director: Martin Nethercutt




Maxim: Leon Bridges

McCartney Multimedia, Inc: Lyric Video




Martin Nethercutt: GEIST Book Of Shadows Music Trailer

McCartney Multimedia, Inc: The Magical History Tour


Punk Aristocrats

Punk Aristocrats