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This is the story of Jimmy Page and how he formed perhaps the greatest rock band the world will ever know, Led Zeppelin. Page is revered as a legendary guitarist and songwriter, adored by millions of fans around the world, but few people know what he had to overcome to accomplish his dreams. He knew what music he wanted to play and who he wanted to collaborate with to make his vision a reality. This is the story of how he did it.

Jimmy started playing guitar at the age of 12, learning to play by ear. Elvis' "Baby Let's play House" was of the first chords solos he learned. These were the 50s in England, days when his guitar was confiscated at school, when rock'n'roll was not really allowed, forbidden fruit. Then he discovered the blues, which was so far underground in England that it made Elvis seem normal. No radio stations played the blues and no shops sold the records. This new music was taboo and that made it even more essential for the young Mr. Page's exploration.

Jimmy Page became known as a child prodigy, appearing on the BBC at 16 and performing professionally by 17 with touring bands. .

Zeppelin Rising


A narrative feature film based on the true story of Yakima Canutt, rodeo rider turned actor turned stuntman from the early days of Hollywood cinema who, together with John Wayne revolutionized stunts, safety, as well as performing some of the greatest actions scenes ever captured on film.


“I spent weeks studying the way Yakima Canutt walked and talked.”

-John Wayne

THe Pioneer

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This is the story of a new kind of currency - electronic, democratic, free of regulation - with the power to threaten the world’s biggest banks and even its governments.

It is the story of a company - MT. GOX - that became the lynchpin for a movement, a lightening rod for criticism, and a target for its enemies.

Most of all, it is the story of MARK KARPELES, an odd, reclusive, self-proclaimed “hacker” who found himself quite accidentally in charge of MT. GOX … and therefore the man responsible for the company’s fate when $500 million went missing in the forth-largest heist in human history.

Mark’s story takes the shape of an investigation thriller as we try to figure out who was behind the heist and why.

It spans the globe, it involves investigators (both righteous and corrupt) from multiple federal agencies, it reaches the floor of Congress, and at one point prominently features a man known as “Bitcoin Jesus”, all while revealing that this confusing thing known as “bitcoin” is very likely to be the next instrument to control the world.

And it’a ll true.


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The true story of the greatest American prisoner-of-war escape artist in WWII Europe. Bill Ash goes from loner to leader, and hobo to hero as he proves there’s no such thing as an escape-proof prison camp.

The story has been described as “a modern classic” – a fresh take on classic escape movies such as The Great Escape, Shawshank Redemption, Defiance, Catch Me If You Can, Cool Hand Luke and Papillon. It is the true story of Bill Ash, one of the WWII’s last true heroes. Ash is the real-life ‘Cooler King’, like the fictional character Hilts, immortalized by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape. Writer-director Brendan Foley’s script

is based on his UK best-seller that reached Number One on Amazon UK’s Biography, War and History charts.Synopsis:

A true story, as told in the bestseller Under the Wire by Brendan Foley and William Ash. Screenplay by Brendan Foley.

BILL ASH, a hobo in the Great Depression forever at war with bullies and with Authority, leaves Texas and rides the rails to Canada at the outbreak of WWII. He enlists in the RCAF as a Spitfire pilot before the United States enters the war. A charismatic loner, with an anarchic sense of humor, he becomes a great fighter pilot but is always in trouble with his own officers for unauthorized aerobatics and rule-breaking. Eventually his exasperated trainers award him his wings and send him to Britain.

Bill’s days in England are filled with hair-raising aerial dogfights alongside his new friend STAN, a daredevil Canadian pilot, while his nights are spent in a wild social life in Blitz-torn London where he meets and falls for Charlotte, a nurse.

When Stan is shot down, Bill is forced to become a mentor for a new generation of rookie pilots, but soon he too is shot down over France after a wild dogfight. He crash-lands and escapes. On the run, he is aided by stylish, deadly women in the French resistance. He reaches Paris but is betrayed to the Gestapo. Tortured and about to be shot, he is ‘rescued’ by a Luftwaffe Officer HASSEL, who runs Stalag Luft III, made famous later by the Great Escape.

Bill commences one of the greatest POW escape careers of the war. Reunited with Stan, the pair go on an escape spree across France, Germany, Poland and Lithuania, vaulting over the wire, or under it in tunnels, or straight through it with cutters. Each time they are recaptured they are punished in the Cooler or Solitary cell, but start their next plan as soon as they are back in the camp.

Gradually the natural rebel must again assume the reluctant role of leader. His escapes become legendary and after many of his friends are shot following The Great Escape, he redoubles his efforts despite orders to stay put and wait for liberation. He entered the war a free man and if there is any liberating to be done, he will do it himself.

As the war ends, the entire camp becomes part of a forced march through a ruined Germany. Stan is badly wounded when an aircraft strafes their ragged column. Bill decides to save his wounded fellow prisoners by his most daring escape of all – from the middle of a raging battle. He risks his life and succeeds, back in London in time to celebrate VE Day with Charlotte, where he is awarded an MBE for his wartime defiance. He is still there now, aged 95, still a rebel.