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The primary audience for Here’s A Story is women of all socio-economic groups,

all races, education levels, generations and religions. It includes teens, Baby Boomers

& senior citizens who are interested in the women’s movement, both past & present,

pop culture as reflected by women, & the decade of the 1960’s.Women who marched

back in the day. Women who just got their first pink hat.Women who‘ve raised families

& held down careers. Young girls looking for context and inspiration. Women welcome.


The brand is devised as a weekly 60 minute (44 broadcast) docu-series for television/

VOD. Certain episodes and outtakes will be produced for web/digital platforms to

support the TV show. Additional OOH streaming platforms such as Amazon Fire, Roku,

Apple TV etc. will be supported.
“Fame is not a prerequisite, the story is.”

(Martin Nethercutt, Director)


HEre’s A Story